When the Sky Is No Limit


This book is designed to encourage readers to use their discontent awareness to unleash their full potential in creating a life they would absolutely love living in Four Domains of Their Lives. The author has woven examples and testimonials from the difficult tapestries and seasons of her life to motivate thought transformations and inspire the reader to take action in pursuit of their dream.

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Judith Hall, BA, MA, MSc
Transformational Speaker
Education Consultant, Author, & Life Coach

Judith enumerates her process and the role that coaching played in helping her to navigate her diagnoses, disabilities, relationships, and other issues. In these pages, the reader learns how to let go of the old paradigms and limiting self-beliefs characterized by fear and doubt. This self-help book is written from a creditable standpoint, and one walks away from the sense that they have been served a consumable menu of options to aid in the journey of becoming their best self.

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