Are you a habitual procrastinator, someone who lacks self-confidence? Do you frequently doubt yourself? or are you someone who has a dream or purpose in life but you are not living in its fulfillment? If the answer to these questions is yes, this is the book for you. If your answer is “no” this book will serve as a source of reassurance and confirmation for you if you have already begun your transformation. There is something for everyone.

This author brings to the fore, through the lens of personal experience and examples, what people generally go through and how they can attain their purpose in life.

The first step in this journey is to find out what is your purpose, what is the missing element that makes you feel incomplete? What do you want to be or do; but for one reason or the other, it is just an isolated fragment at the back of your brain? When you realize what this is, you need to act on it. You act by investing time, resources, and making sacrifices. This is your dream. Don’t allow anyone to sow seeds of doubt or take it away from you.

You have made the sacrifice and the transformation, are you now living in abundance? As the author so rightly puts it, “abundance is not wealth”. Wealth is a subset of abundance. One is living in abundance when the four quadrants or domain of life intersect and bring harmony. Now you are truly aligned spiritually and physically.

You are in need of nothing; you are living in the fulfillment of your purpose.

~Wayne Thomas

Electrical Engineer

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