Canada Workshop November 25, 2017

Hello Judyites all!  Canada Workshop was a blast! It was awesome! There were great insights and many moments of introspection as we connected, viscerally, emotionally. It felt really good to just share my dreams, my defining moment and my fears and how to conquer them and so much more. I watched the different emotions flit across faces. They ranged from skepticism, to resistance to buy in. The “Claim your Dream”! “Ignite your Passion!” message had resonance and folks participated well. (see gallery and FB events page) One young lady was moved to share her story after listening to me tell “My Story” She tearfully explained that she had been recently diagnosed with Glaucoma and by me explaining my story, she felt liberated to share hers in such a public space. Keeping the information to herself had been a lonely, isolating experience for her. Gladly I was able to make her understand that she was not defined by that situation. She is the one who, pen in hand could write a brand new beginning and ending.

She just literally started speaking the minute I paused for a breath. I let her have the moment as the other audience members nodded, touched her with murmurs of support. She was clearly having a breakthrough moment! It was as if the words were gushing out of her, cathartic, unvarnished, naked. It came from a place that seemed to need purging. Those words needed airing for her transformational journey to begin. You just never know how you will impact someone else’s life. The experience reminded me of a line from Marianne Williamson’s poem; “…and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

I was glad I was able to facilitate the event that made her realize that she is not defined by her circumstances, situation or condition. It was an illuminating moment for both of us as well as the others present. She heard me speak of my health challenges and my vision impairment and decided that she would no longer let her fear control what she believes she can achieve. I am proof that she can. We will continue to dialogue, her and I. This workshop was held in my sister Merlene Hawthorne’s beautiful home in Markham, Ontario. She laid out the proverbial “red carpet” and did an excellent job of mobilizing many of the attendees. Patrick Green, STCI Consultant, and I took care of the rest.

I must say Canada is a wee bit colder than New York, which prompted me to cook my Jamaican Ital Soup for my audience. For those of you who do not know about this, it’s a Rastafarian way of cooking without any animal products. The protein consists of peanuts, red kidney beans and pumpkin. It involves the use of coconut milk. I refuse to tell you that I added ginger, so I won’t give away my recipe. I won’t say more as I have to patent it. Stay tuned my Judyites for my blog about the next workshop in Jamaica at the Holiday Inn Resort, Rose Hall! See you there!

Love and Blessings
Coach Judy

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