A Sneak Peek of “When The Sky is No Limit”

Sooo… My Judyites, I had stepped away for 2 months to reinvent myself. I am, as usual, excited for it is in my DNA so to be. I have overhauled my website. I think it is now a better representation of who I am. I love the colors, the layout and everything! The new website’s name is judithhallspeaks.com

The most important news I have for you, though, is that I have given birth again. I hear your snickers and so with my usual insouciance I will say “heck yea!” These kinds of birth can happen at any age, so don’t judge me! This time my “love child” is definitely a girl! I named her, “When the Sky is No Limit.” Oh the pain and travail!  Truthfully, it took less than a month to birth but I have revised it a few times until I was satisfied. I am surprised my editor, Ann Alston of Alstntech, has not quit on me after having had to recreate the pdf file so many times but she is a phenomenal lady and we work well together.

What? Did you just ask, what is the book about? Okay! Stop twisting my arm! you don’t have to ask me twice, I’ll tell you!  Well, in this book, I speak about how I transformed my life into a life of passion by reaching for that dream that I had previously thought so unattainable. I speak of my restlessness, my longing and discontent and how listening to positive messages and being coached helped me transform my thoughts and ultimately my results. I asked some tough questions of myself then I turned the spotlight on you so you can evaluate your life. I ask you if you are living a life you love in four domains namely; Health, Relationship, Vocation and Time and Money freedom. I outline steps for you to get to where you want to go. It is an interesting read. It is thought-provoking and makes you want to pause and evaluate your purpose and your life’s journey. Most importantly it invites you to take action in pursuit of your dreams.

Now my Judyites, my Tribe, I will post my Amazon publication date because I will be asking you to purchase my book on a particular date so I can, on the first day, with your support, attain best seller status. That will indeed be a feather in my cap! And you will have helped me achieve this milestone. You all got a shout out in the book for being supportive of me and continuing to encourage me through my metamorphosis and my son’s illness. That did set me back a little too, while I played, and am still playing, nurse. I made some really monstrous bandages. My handiwork traumatized the visiting nurses. In my defense I managed to keep stuff from falling out; I think…! Anyway guys! The cost of the book will be $19.99. It is an easy read. One hour for some or two for others. Some will still read it over the course of a month or two because of time constraints. I predict, however, that you will want to keep reading. Now, after you have read it please leave a review on Amazon that I can copy to my webpage.

This is just the beginning guys! I have 3 other publications in me. The biography of the women in my family, a children’s book and a play I plan to take to the film festival in Cannes and I will win! Onward and upward! I write it here because I want you guys to be my accountability partners. Ask me what I am working on, how far am I etc. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you my Judyites! You inspire me every day.

The kid’s book seems like it would be easier to write right? Yet it is the one I am more unsure about. Certainly its short but in terms of the content I am still deliberating which slant to take. Hmmm… Tell me what you think and drop some suggestions below.

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